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Edmond's Favorite Massage
Ntouch llc
  3200 E. Memorial Rd. Suite 480

Experts in therapeutic, spa and medical massage.  Our professional staff are all certified with years of experience in the Oklahoma City area.  

We offer all massage services including swedish, deep tissue, hot stone and other popular spa treatments including an infrared dry sauna on site.  

Our client base ranges from professional athletes and medical referrals to our regular clients that incorporate massage on weekly basis.
Massage Gift Certificates
Expert staff trained in spa, therapeutic 
and medical massage therapy. 

Professional, tastefully decorated spa rooms. 

Come see why we are consistently recommended as Edmond's Best! 
4 Ways Massage Helps
Create a New You in 2017

1. Massage lowers your stress and helps you sleep. This may seem like an obvious benefit of massage, since many people feel relaxed and ready for a nap after lying on that table, but regular massage therapy can actually help you train your body to relax, even when you aren’t at the spa. 

2. Massage helps with chronic pain and illness. During a massage, endorphins are released, which are the body’s natural painkillers. Deep tissue massage concentrates on the deeper layers of muscle to help relieve chronic pain. But massage plays an even more important role in healing. Massage is human touch. Many people do not have that connection, human to human, especially for the elderly and people suffering with disease, massage allows one to feel cared for and comforted.

3. Release toxins and regain a healthy balance with massage. From poor eating habits to working those 16-hour days, we tend to abuse our bodies. To fix your health missteps, forget that juice fast, and get a massage, which helps get your body back on track and aligned for maximum health.

4. Don’t worry, be happy (thanks to massage). During a massage, you are surrounded by peace and quiet instead of the chaos that usually fills your world, so it makes sense that it would boost your happiness. But there is actual science behind this higher level of upbeat feelings. Regular massage increased the amount of serotonin it produces. This helps to lift your spirits and overall attitude….and who doesn’t want to be a little happier in 2017?

Let our expert team at Ntouch show you how massage enhances your health and wellbeing!
Have a Happy and Blessed New Year

Ntouch Staff.
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